The best in live music, every year from 1993 to 2007.

Since 1983, as Consett Music Project, then as Northern Recording through the Making Music Work Campaign, we have argued for investment into the local music industry. We practiced what we preached by creating and staging events such as Allensford Roots and Stanley Blues Festival, as well as projects for thousands of schoolchildren across County Durham and hundreds of bands from all over the North East.

We’re very proud of the work we put in and grateful for all of the support from the tens of thousands of people who came to join us at our festivals. We got to know many of you well over the years. Each year in Stanley, from the early nineties, we made sure that local acts, national bands and international artists shared a stage, working with the very best of sound, lighting and (we hope!) event organisation.

Stanley Blues Festival was forced to close in 2007 as there was no further financial support from the-then local authority. Since the festival ended, there have been many rumours about it coming back in a variety of guises, anything from small pub gigs to outdoor weekend events, even taking place in areas outside Stanley. We know only too well the challenges in pulling together any kind of live music event and we wish anyone contemplating one anywhere, the very best of luck. We need big and bold music events; properly funded and with fair wages for performers and crew.

However, we would like to emphasise that the Blues Festival is, sadly, not coming back. Any new events have no connection with the original Stanley Blues Festival or its successful fifteen years history.

We hope that no-one will suggest to you anything otherwise.

Thanks for your rocking support over the years,
Mary, Paul, Peter, Ged.
Stanley Blues Festival